The Truth About the Creation Story

People have always had differing views about the creation story. One night, Emmanuel J. Charles asked God how long will the current generation have opposing views on the origin of the world. Immediately, the “Rhema” or “revelation of the Lord” suddenly came to him.

God showed him the true way of unraveling the mystery behind the creation story through the first chapter of Genesis. The passage says: “The world is full of delusions and deceptions; therefore, you will eliminate the problems by finding the solution in advance before you fall prey and face consequences. This is possible only when you know the truth that will set you free.”

Join Emmanuel as he reconciles the conflicting ideas of creationists and evolutionists (the scientific community) in his book entitled “The Mystery of Two Creations.” He hopes that by the end of this journey, he’ll discover who is right between the two and use his newfound knowledge to unite groups for the betterment of the human race and the world.

About the Author

Emmanuel J. Charles traces his roots in his grandfather’s neighborhood in Kolar, a city located on the outskirts of the busy metropolis of Bangalore, India. During the 1920s, a team of Methodist missionaries led the development of their community by building schools, hospitals, and other essential establishments.

The influence of the Methodist missionaries in the community went beyond the place’s economic growth. Emmanuel’s grandfather’s exposure to the Gospel has turned their lives around. The author then spent his growing up years in a spiritually rich home, where his God-centered upbringing shaped his beliefs.

When Emmanuel turned 18, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at a crusade event hosted by the Methodist church. Since then, he has made ministry and service an integral part of his life.

Emmanuel dedicated 2 years to serving with Operation Mobilization, where he preached the Gospel and distributed gospel literature in the streets of India. After completing his degree in civil engineering, he spent another 3 years serving in the field of public works.

In July 1990, Emmanuel moved to the Middle East to join a construction company. His job was not easy; he spent days leading projects and working under the scorching heat for 12 hours every day. Despite the challenges, the support of his church community and his strong faith kept him focused on his goal: to always do good work.

During his stint in the Middle East, Emmanuel met his wife, Navina. The couple got married in January of 1995 and later and had three sons, namely Joshua, Daniel, and David. In 2001, he and his family had decided to migrate to the United States.

Emmanuel and his family are currently residing in New York, where he is working for the public works division of his city. During the civil engineer’s free time, he participates in ministry and serves in his local church.

Emmanuel’s rekindled desire to share the gospel with those who are lost has motivated him to sponsor overseas missional events, including 18 outdoor crusades in India, the Philippines, Trinidad, and the United States since 2009. These events are for the people who are saved, healed, and delivered from oppression with the power and message of Jesus Christ.

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